The dates shown are used as tools showing placement and duration of the events: Not for predicting the future

Fall 2019
Joseph is raised up by Angels then the Quorum of 7/12 and the 1st Elders

Pentecost 31 May 2020 = 50 Days of Pentecost
The 1st elders gather to Kirtland, highest Priesthood revealed and Endowment given

Feast of Trumpets 19 September 2020
The 1st Elders and the Quorum 7/12 gather the Wise Gentile Saints into Small Dominions

28 September 2020 = Wise Gentile Saints receive their endowment, Yom Kippur

3 October 2020 = MIDNIGHT = The Hour of Judgment Begins
Opening of the 1st Seal
The 1st Angel flies through the midst of Heaven
A cry to go out to meet the bridegroom and the Wise Gentiles gather to the land of Zion

3 November 2020 – 20 January 2021 =  Last Presidential Election and the Proclamation to the President-Elect

November 2020 = Opening of the 2nd Seal
FALL OF BABYLON = Peace is take from the Earth = Rise of the 8th Beast Kingdom
The 2nd Angel flies through the midst of heaven declaring that Babylon has fallen

January 2021 = Opening of the 3rd Seal
The 3rd Angel flying through the midst of heaven
Warning the world not to worship the image of the Beast, mark, name or number

Opening of the 4th Seal

 Opening of the 5th Seal

March 2021October 2024 = Opening of the 6th Seal
FATHER ADAM SITS: Sun, Moon, Stars; the earth reel to and fro like a drunken man
NAUVOO REDEEMED / Nourished for 3 ½ years

16 April 2022 Father Adam Stands

June 2022 = Opening of the 7th Seal
The ½ Hour of Silence

June 2022January 2026 = 1260 days
3 ½ year False Prophet Dictatorship

June 2022January 2026 = 1260 days
The Two Witnesses begin their 3 ½ year prophecy to the World

April 2021October 2024 =1260 days
The 3 ½ year period of nourishment in Nauvoo is finished

4 July 2025
Begin building the Far West & Adam-ondi-Ahman Temples

11 September 2025
Redemption of Zion & Build the City and Temple in the New Jerusalem

June 2022January 2026 = 1260 days
Two witnesses end their 3 ½ year prophecy – they are Killed and Resurrected

June 2022January 2026 = 1260 days
3½ year False Prophet Dictatorship Ends

June 2022February 2026 = 1290 days
The Abomination of Desolation

February 2026
The Assyrian (Beast) Invades America = the Desolation of Abomination

June 2022April 2026 = 1335 days
The Remnant is violently freed (Ezekiel 9) from Bondage and gather to Kirtland

6 April 2026
The 1835 Twelve Apostles go throughout the Earth to gather the Terrestrials

October 2026
The Remnant build the Kirtland Jerusalem

Passover 22 April 2027
Daniel 8:27 Confirm the Covenant with the Remnant

June 2022October 2027 = 2300 days
Salt Lake Jerusalem is destroyed by the invading Assyrian Armies

September 2031 – April 2034 = 3 ½ year
The Bowl Judgments

6 April 2034
7th Thousand Year begins and The Coming of Christ
The Trump Judgments

July 2037
The Battle of Armageddon

No Man Knoweth Not even the Angels
The End of the Earth
Father Adam declares that there is Time No Longer

4 Comments on “Timeline

  1. Just wondering what brought on the changes to your dates? You originally implied that this would all begin in 2016. I find myself agreeing with much of what you have outlined. I would just like to know…why 2019 specifically? Is there something in particular that was pointing to that year? Isn’t 2017 a year of jubilee…ending in 2024? Why not this year? Or next?

    1. Not being God or one of his prophets I am guessing when the beginning date will be. I like the time line once it begins but when will it begin?

      I was hoping along with many others that 2016 would be the beginning of the 3rd watch Marvelous Work. I am still quite open to Joseph coming back anytime, I would love for him to come back this year, which is very quickly dissolving, yet his birthday is coming up Dec 23, I think that would be a perfect time for him to return. I love your 2017 to 2024 jubilee time period. Joseph could come back now and I have God’s army coming out of Nauvoo in October 2024 to redeem the center place of Zion. It’s perfect.

      I took the 2021 date from information given by Gil Broussard on the return of planet 7X. He indicates that the sign of the woman of Revelation 12 appears next in March 2020 and 2021. So I chose 2021 and worked backwards and came up with 2019 as the return of Joseph Smith. So, for me, there’s lots of wiggle room.

      If planet 7x returns in spring 2021 which would rock the earth like a drunken man and which would be the opening of the 6th seal. That would give Joseph the time to gather in the elect in the spring to fall 2020 and time for the opening of the first five seals in the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021 and then planet 7X right after that. It’s all an educated guess and it helps me to keep my mind active while I watch and wait.

      If Joseph returns this winter that would give him a lot time to bring forth the brass plates of Laban which I believe is the inspired translation of the bible which needs to go forth to every nation kindred tongue and people and also needs to be rejected by the Christian community at large saying we have a bible there cannot be anymore bible. The brass plates of Laban is very much like the bible and maybe it will include some of the prophets quoted in book of Mormon, like Zenos and Zennock.

      My being just lights up when I think of these things so I appreciate so much your questioning my motives.

    1. Sorry about that Bob, but I didn’t intentionally center all the text just to irritate you. I typed it the text, pushed publish and that’s what happened. I have no idea how to change it. Just goes to show what kind of arm of flesh you’re dealing with.

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