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Chapter One
describes the 3rd Watch gathering of the Elect

The Three Watch Doctrine
The 3rd Watch beings on the Pre-earth Millennial Heaven

Fall  2017
The 3rd Watch on the Earth
Joseph and the 1st Elders return and begin the 3rd Watch

 A Light Shall Break Forth
The Three Witnesses

The 1st Laborers are Raised from the Dead

Winter 2017 – Spring 2018
The 1st Laborers Gather to the Ohio

31 March l 2018
1st Elders Organize a School of the Prophets

Day of Pentecost  20 May 2018
 The New Morley Farm Endowment
Sidney the High Priest of the Lord

20 May 2018 to 10 September 2018
The 1st Elders Gather the Wise Gentile Saints
The Wise Gentile Saints Organize a School of the Prophets

10 September 2018 – Feast of Trumpets
The Wise Gentile Saints call their Solemn Assemblies

19 September 2018 – Yom Kippur
The Lamb Takes the Book with Seven Seals
The Endowment
Wise Gentiles live the Law of Consecration
Wise Gentiles purchase their inheritance
Satan is cast out of Heaven

Chapter Two
describes the events surrounding the Opening of the 1st five Seals

24 September 2018 – Feast of Tabernacles
Midnight – The Hour of Judgment is come
The 1st Angel flies thru Heaven
The Bridegroom Cometh, Go Ye Out to Meet Him

Opening of the 1st Seal

 The Quorums of 7 and Spiritual 12 are the True Apostles of the 3rd Watch
Wise Gentile Saints on the Land of Zion

November 2018
WWIII – The Rise of the 8th Beast Kingdom
Opening of the 2nd Seal and the 2nd Angel flies thru Heaven
WWIII-Manmade Christian Armageddon
A Pre-emptive 1st Strike is the Fall of Babylon
The 2nd Angel announces the Fall of Babylon
Upon My House Shall it Begin
Overflowing Scourge, Desolating Sickness

January 2019
Opening of the 3rd Seal and the 3rd Angel flies through Heaven
Warning to the world not to worship the Image of the Beast
Proclamation to the President Elect

Opening of the 4th Seal
The Beast Ascends from the Bottomless Pit

Opening of the 5th Seal
Meridian Saints told to wait
The Saints will be overcome until the Ancient of Days sits

Chapter Three
describes the events of the Opening of the 6th Seal

April 2019
Opening of the 6th Seal
The Sign of the Son of Man
Nemesis and Planet X: The Earth shall Reel to and fro as a Drunken Man
The Great Earthquake and the Sun, Moon, Stars

The Earth gives her Testimony
A Geomagnetic Excursion: A Pole Shift
A Mini Ice Age

The Voice of the Lord

 Father Adam sits at Adam-ondi-Ahman Missouri

The New Jerusalem at Nauvoo is Redeemed

April 2019October 2022 = 3 ½ Years
Nauvoo is for the unfolding of the Dispensation of the fulness of times
The Angel Ascending from the East
The four Angels and the Sign of the Bow

Marriage sealing of the 144,000
The Children are sealed to the Fathers
The Lamb is sealed to the Bride

The Great Multitude
The Meridian Saints, The Nephite Remnant of Jacob
The Other Sheep of the Lost 10 tribes of Israel, the 1830 Saints

April 2021
Father Adam Stands and blows his Trump Long and Loud
Awake, O Kings of the Earth

Chapter Four
describes the events of the Opening of the 7th Seal

June 2020
Opening of the 7th Seal – ½ Hour of Silence – Times of the Gentiles Fulfilled

Daniel describes the Tribulation Timeline
Daily Sacrifice taken away = June 2019;
Add 1290 days = Feb 2022; Add 1335 days = April 2022; Add 2300 days = Oct 2024

June 2020 – January 2024 = 1260 days
3 ½ Year Dictatorship of the False Prophet
Daily Sacrifice taken away = Martial Law

June 2020 – January 2024 = 1260 days
Two Witnesses begin 3½ Year Ministry

November 2020 – January 2021

Proclamation to the President-Elect

April 2019October 2022 = 1260 days
End of the 3½ years of Nourishment

4 July 2023
Build the Waste Places of Far West and Adam-Ondi-Ahman

11 September 2023
Redemption of the New Jerusalem at Independence, the Center Place
Zion the Center Place is Built
The 24 Temple Complex in Jackson Co.  

Baptism for the Terrestrial Dead
All the Promised Records will come forth  

The 144,000 will Save the Constitution

June 2020January 2024 = 1260 days
Two Witnesses Killed and Resurrected
The Mormon Jewish Remnant

June 2020February 2024 = 1290 days
End of the false Prophet Kingdom
Giving life to the Image / The Abomination of Desolation

February 2024
The Assyrian (Beast) Invades America / The Desolation of Abomination
Dreams describing the Invasion
The Arm of the Lord is Revealed

June 2020April 2024 = 1335 days
The Mormon Remnant Gather to Kirtland

6 April 2024
1835 Twelve Apostles preach to the Terrestrial Nations
Terrestrial House of Israel Gather to the Zion at Independence, the Center Place
The Sound from Zion at Independence, the Center Place 

the Great Highway

the Stakes of Zion

the Marriage Supper  

the Lamanites

Zion: A Refuge

October 2024
The Remnant Build the Kirtland Jerusalem

Passover April 2026
Confirm the Covenant with the Remnant

June 2020October 2026 = 2300 days
Salt Lake Jerusalem Destroyed
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Judah
Invading Army Driven Away

3 ½ Years 2030 – 2034
The Bowl Judgments
The Quorum of 7 Angels are each given a vial

Chapter Five
describes the events surrounding the Trump Judgments

6 April 2034
The 7th Thousand Years

The Sign of the Son of Man: the 2nd time
Comparison of the two occurrences

 7 Angels Prepare to Sound their Trumps
Voices, Thunderings, Lightnings and a Great Earthquake

September 2034
The Coming of Christ
1st trump: 144,000 meet Christ
The Rapture of the Elect – Christ first returns to the New Jerusalem
The Return of the City of Enoch

Hail, Fire and Blood

July 2037
The Battle of ARMAGEDDON
Kirtland the Armageddon Jerusalem

Christ in Red Apparel Riding a White Horse
The Lord descends and Saves the Jews

The Wicked are Destroyed

2nd trump Terrestrials brought back
A Great Asteroid Hits the Earth

One Great Land Mass Again
Resurrected Animals cleanse the land

The Kirtland Jerusalem
Return of the 10 Northern Mosaic Tribes
The Ezekiel Jerusalem
King David the Prince
Waters from beneath the Temple
Animal Sacrifices
The Heathen

3rd trump Telestial – Sons of Perdition
1/3 Part of Waters become Wormwood

4th trump Sons of Perdition remain filthy still
1/3 Part of the Sun, Moon and Stars Darkened

5th trump Every Knee shall Bow and tongue confess
Locust from the Bottomless Pit

6th trump: Babylon is fallen, is fallen!
1/3 Part of Man Killed

 the 7th trump it is finished!
7th Angel is Our Father Adam, The Ancient of Days, Michael the Arch Angel
Adam-Ondi-Ahman: The Council
Judgment Bar of Christ – Compare the Judgment of God
The Seven Angels Sound their Trumps Again

No Man Knoweth not even the Angels
2nd Coming of Christ
Telestial Time no longer

The Two Great Cities are Raptured
The Great Revelation Transfigures the Earth

The Tares are burned

Chapter Six
describes the Eternal Round of the Creations of the Gods

The Great Millennium

The Two Great Cities Descend

 Spirit Intelligence Created

 The Millennium and Celestial Beings

The New Jerusalem: Millennial World Capital

The Millennium and Terrestrial Beings
Many different Religions
Constitution of the Whole World
Raise Children who died Young

The Great Council

The Little Season = the Great 8th Day
Battle of the Great God

 Genesis Creation
Chart: The Old Millennial Heaven and the New Earth

The 7th Day: Physical Creation of Man

The Great White Throne

The Bar of God – the final Judgment

The Old Millennial Heaven: a Sea of Glass
Our Earth becomes the New Millennial Heaven

Terrestrial placed on a Terrestrial Planet

Telestial placed on a Telestial Planet
Telestial Deny not the Holy Ghost

Sons of Perdition are Filthy Still


Revelation through Joseph Smith to John C Bennett 7 April 1841

Joseph Smith Farm and Barn Dream

White Horse Prophecy

George Washington Dream

 the Book of Joseph

 The Blessings given to the 1835 Twelve Apostles

Joseph’s Patriarchal Blessing given by Oliver Cowdery

Joseph’s Patriarchal Blessing given by Joseph Smith Sr.