Third Watch
Marvelous Work


Showing the sequential events of the Last Days, from the Marvelous Work to the 2nd coming of Christ; then on to the Millennium and the Little Season; finishing with a genesis creation of a New Earth and the final Judgment.

Because I am not a prophet or seer, the dates given in the Book must be considered tools to be used to show duration and placement of events in relation to one another. If they turn out to be correct all I can say is that miracles still happen.

by Steven D. Fisher


Joseph will come forth from the grave where he is buried in Nauvoo, which begins the 3rd Watch Marvelous Work on the earth. The 1st Elders will also rise from the grave where they are buried and begin the process of gathering to Kirtland Ohio. They will preach as they travel to Kirtland, baptizing and setting up branches along the way. This is how the Wise Gentile Saints will learn of their return.

At Kirtland on the day of Pentecost, the 1st Elders will experience another Morley farm where the Melchizedek Priesthood will be given to man again. The 1st Elders will go forth throughout the entire world gathering the Wise Gentile Saints into Small Dominions, where they will live the Law of Consecration. In the Small Dominions, the Gentile Saints will hold solemn assemblies, have Pentecostal experiences, and receive their endowment.

image2.jpegAt Midnight, the 1st Seal will be opened and the Spiritual Quorum of the 7/12 Apostles will gather the Wise Gentile Saints from the Small Dominions to the land of Zion. This is the gathering of the “Strength of Mine House.” As we are gathering to the Land of Zion, the 2nd Seal will be opened, Babylon will fall all around us, and a time of anarchy will prevail. Even after Babylon’s fall, Saints from overseas will continue to gather to the Land of Zion. We will continue to situate ourselves in the Land of Zion and wait for the time when we will redeem the New Jerusalem at Nauvoo, the Cornerstone of Zion. Just trying to live the Law of Consecration would be enough of a challenge, but there will be interference from the world. Babylon will not willingly allow us to leave its clutches.

The 6th Seal will be opened and Father Adam will sit at Adam-ondi-Ahman, Missouri. The Wise Gentile Saints, the strength of the Lord’s house will redeem the New Jerusalem at Nauvoo and the Temple will be restored. We will be sealed together with the rest of the Quorum of 144,000. When the trump sounds both long and loud, our brothers whom we were sealed to (the dead Nephite Saints, Meridian Saints, the Lost Tribe Saints, and the 1830 Saints which make up the great multitude) will all come forth throughout the world where they died and begin to make their way to Nauvoo.

During the Half hour of Silence at the opening of the 7th Seal the Beast Kingdom will reign supreme and the False Prophet dictatorship in America will come into his full power. All but the elect will worship the image of the Beast and those who refuse will be killed. The two witnesses will testify to the Mormon Remnant and the world from the Salt Lake Jerusalem.

We will assist our Nephite brothers in redeeming the New Jerusalem at Independence, the Center Place of Zion, and it will become great and terrible to the nations of the earth. The Terrestrial gathering will take place and those who desire safety will gather to the Mountains of the Lord’s House. The House of Israel will flee to the New Jerusalem and the House of Judah will gather to Kirtland.

The Assyrian Russian Army will invade America and cleanse the wicked from off the land. Joseph, the Arm of the Lord and the Davidic King, will stop the invasion along with others. The Salt Lake Jerusalem will be totally destroyed, but we will be unaffected by the invasion in the New Jerusalem the Center place, Nauvoo the Cornerstone with Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahman, and other places in-between.

At the beginning of the 7th thousand years of the earth’s existence, the Face of the Lord will again be
revealed to the peoples of the earth. Trumps heralding the end of the world begin to sound. At the 1st trump, the Celestials will be raptured up into the cloud. The Lord will come to destroy the wicked and to save the Latter-day Mormon Jews at Armageddon. At the 2nd trump the Terrestrial resurrection takes place and the Tribes from the North will come to Zion to receive their blessings from Ephraim. At the blowing of the 4th and 5th trumps, all the spirits of the Telestial and Sons of Perdition come forth and are forced to give homage to God. After the 6th and 7th trumps, the earth will be changed and receive its paradisiacal glory at the 2nd coming of Christ.

Our earth will attain its paradisiacal state and Satan will be bound during its millennial years. The Terrestrial peoples of the world will enjoy peace and safety just as their priests and prophets promised them. A new spirit generation will be created; they will grow up learning the traditions of their Terrestrial Fathers and the Celestial children will grow up without sin unto salvation.

At the end of the millennium, God will call a council in heaven for the purpose of creating a new earth for the new generation to inhabit. All those who are to participate will be invited, including Satan who will be released from his prison. Father Adam and Satan will present opposing plans to Christ. Satan’s plan will be rejected; he will start a war in heaven called the Little Season. This 1st Estate is amazingly similar to the 2nd Estate we are experiencing now. During the Little Season, the Gods will create a new heaven and a new earth. At the end of the Little Season Satan’s power will expand to the point where he threatens to destroy the holy city and the camp of the Saints during a pre-earth Armageddon but instead he is cast down to the new earth.

image3.jpegThe final judgment will take place where the old generations receive their eternal reward. The Old Millennial earth is made as a sea of glass which will dwell near Kolob. The Old Terrestrial Nations will be moved to a permanent terrestrial planet where the City of God the Holy Jerusalem comes down out of Heaven to dwell with and minister to them forever. The Old Telestial are redeemed from the grasp of death and hell at the final judgment and are moved to a permanent telestial planet where theCity New Jerusalem comes down out of Heaven to dwell with and minister to them forever. The Sons of Perdition will be thrust down to Hell to dwell with Satan in Outer Darkness.

The eternal round will continue for the new spirit generation coming to earth – gaining their bodies and experiencing an earth life exactly like the one we are experiencing right now. Exactly like this life because there is nothing new under heaven. The same plan is executed with the same dispensations; the same offices of Adam, Enoch, Noah and his flood, Melchisedec and his city, Moses and the famous House of Israel, Cain will kill Abel again, a Nephi and a Lehi will reside in the Promised Land. Of course, there is Christ and his Apostles and in the last days there is a Joseph Smith to gather the Wise Gentile Saints. The satanic offices are also present with all the sons of perdition coming to gain bodies and rule with blood and horror on the earth with Satan. The Terrestrial nations and the wicked Telestial Tares are here to be swept to and fro with every wind of doctrine. Gods plan is eternal and perfect in its design and will continue over and over on untold number of earths in eternal rounds forever.

Do not rely on the dates presented as they are educated guesses at best. These dates rely heavily on the President-Elect Prophecy in D&C 124 and the election of November 2016. If these prove unreliable I will move the dates forward four years and focus on the election of November 2020.