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I haven’t published a blog for a long time and it isn’t because I’ve been lazy. I’ve been working on another project, a book and it’s finished. It was a fun project, but I’m glad its finished and I’m ready to start on something else.

This book is entitled ‘the Mormon-Missouri War Chronology’.  I live in Jameson Missouri which is a village just outside the north gate of Adam-ondi-Ahman. 

When we moved here we became friends with Jeff Foli, who is intensely into local history. He also as the former mayor of Chillicothe Missouri, 35 miles southeast of Jameson, asked the Mormon church to return ‘the old sow cannon’ which, at that time was displayed in the Church History Museum. The ‘old sow cannon’ played a prominent role in the Mormon-Missouri War. Well during the next months of becoming acquainted with Jeff, he would run through the war period in such a fast and excited pace that would be both very interesting but somewhat confusing. So I started writing it down and the book, ‘the Mormon-Missouri War Chronology’ was born. 

Like most people my understanding of the early church history isn’t very concrete. Was Kirtland established first and then Jackson co.? Where did the saints go when they were kicked out of Jackson co.? What is the ‘old sow cannon’ anyway’? Did you know that the Mormon Militia actually burned down three Missouri towns in retaliation to all their abuse? Well, they didn’t burn everything in each of the towns. The Missourian’s burned several of their log homes in Millport and then wrote Governor Boggs telling him the Mormons did it. What did the Mormon do? They came through Millport and burned down the rest of the town, which validating the Missourian claims. 

Well, there’s so many more interesting facts in the book. I don’t know everything about the time period yet, but I know a lot and even more than that I have a visualization of the chronology. 

Most books tell story after story, interspersing explanations, and I loose the chronology of the whole time period. But this book focuses on the chronology first, admittingly at the expense of the individual stories. I don’t have page numbers. You have to find things from the table of contents and the dates. Each event is itemized by date. then following the date is a brief description of what happened on that date, quoting some authoritative source. I do not comment at all during the body of the text. My contribution is through  what dates I choose to include and the brief title connected with the date.

I do comment in the book, I do have opinions and I do express them, but I do it in the preface and introduction at the beginning of the book and in the appendix at the end of the book. 

The body of the book is divided into three sections. 

1. the Prologue. Where I set the stage, including dates about how Missouri was organized and became a state, dates about the Mormons and their time in Jackson and Clay counties. At the same time, I intersperse dates about when Joseph Smith was born, when he received the ‘Gold Plates’, when he moved to Kirtland, etc. so that we can get a vision how the whole Mormon experience fits together.

2. I take three chapters describing the Mormon-Missouri War. Chapter One Mormon look for another home. Chapter Two trouble follow the Mormons where ever they go.  and Chapter Three Mormons forced from the homes, again.

3. the Epidogue. In the last section of the body of the book, I include dates that follow the Mormons and their experiences through Nauvoo, the split into several groups, the trek west, the rough road to legitimacy, ending the section with the ‘extermination order’ being rescinded.

In the appendix, I follow through with the future events that will take place in the area. Far West and Adam-ondi-Ahman are the home of some exciting events, and I spend some pages describing them.

This book isn’t filled with sweet stories of old, It’s intended to be factual, but remember that history is always up to debate. But the purpose of the book is to show the chronology, and I had to take a stand on history so it would flow. I made decisions on what side of history I thought best described the truth, that is my prerogative as the author, I wrote the book. But the decisions I made isn’t meant to be argumentative, I had to make decisions so the chronology wouldn’t get bogged down in presenting all the sides. I chose what I thought was the most correct.

Anyway. I love the book. I loved the experience. And, as usual, I learned the most.

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    1. The new book isn’t on the website yet. I just finished publishing it on amazon.
      I’m way busy right now, but I’ll get it on the website eventually. Maybe after the
      first of the year.
      December, Christmas and all that sort of stuff, is a busy time of year.
      My wife and I are going after our Amateur Radio license this Saturday, and
      we’re studying up on our German, and learning a little Pennsylvania Dutch,
      cause we’re going to go to an Amish worship service a week after that. I’ll
      be sure to do a blog on that experience.
      Glad there’s still someone out there that still knows who I am. I’ve been
      quiet for awhile. How you doing?

      1. It is a busy time of year and going by too fast! I did however get on amazon and order your book last night. I love history and can’t wait to read it.
        Glad to hear you and your wife are doing well. Life is good down here in Texas, and never a dull moment when you have a house full of kids.

        1. Thanks Allison, I had a blast researching it and putting it together.
          With this book I called myself a collator rather than an author. I’m
          not an expert or historian and I didn’t feel comfortable in presenting
          myself as such, so I took quotes from those who are and arranged
          everything by date. It really helped me see the how things fit together
          I sacrificed a lot of history and detail on purpose to keep the flow
          of the chronology.
          My contribution is in the Introduction, forward and in what events
          I chose to include in the Chapters, then again in the Appendix where
          I present my take on the future of Adam-ondi-Ahman and Far West.

          Anyway, let me know what you think.

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