It wasn’t my intent to write a book. I started many times over the last 20 years, writing papers with different formats, debating with myself the order of the last day’s events and what scriptures talk about what event. With hundreds of references and comments the volume of information became difficult to work with and too much for just a paper to handle. As it reached a hundred pages I created a table of contents which helped me to find things. Then it dawned on me that this was a book.

The scriptures are not for my private interpretation or for anyone else’s. I am not a prophet, nor do I present the book as someone who thinks he is.My goal has simply been to collate the events described in the scriptures into their natural chronological order.

image1.jpegBecoming familiar with the scriptures did not start as an individual endeavor. There have been good friends that I have learned many wonderful ideas from that have molded my understanding of the Oracles of God.  Along the way, we have uncovered truths that have taken us in a totally different direction than we ever thought we would go. We have compared what we have learned against the traditions of our Fathers, and each tradition has been replaced with truth. We have put the standard of the scriptures over all churches, presidents, prophets, parents, family and friends. We have concluded that the power and safety of the corporate church is not sufficient to save us in time or eternity. We have all separated ourselves from the Mormon Church and have gone our own way in preparing for the future and the inevitable result that we will meet God and account for our actions. We have tried to become responsible to God as opposed to any individual or organization. Joseph pointed that out very clearly and I would apply what he said ten fold to the Christian Churches today and their membership.

(Words of Joseph Smith Pg 120) President Smith… Said the Lord had declared by the prophet that the people should each one stand for himself and depend on no man or men in that state of corruption of the Jewish Church—that righteous persons could only deliver their own souls—applied it to the present state of the church of Latter Day Saints—Said if the people departed from the Lord they must fall — that they were depending on the prophet hence were darkened in their minds from neglect of themselves…

Joseph brought the 1830 Saints to their Mount Sinai like Moses did with his people and the results were the same. This effort gave us a corporate Church with many rules and regulations that are hard for the people to bear, just like the Mosaic Law. The 1830 restoration was not the Marvelous Work but instead it set up a situation wherein the prophecy of the wheat and the tares could be fulfilled. If it had been the Marvelous Work, then Zion would have been established and the Kingdom of God would be here on the earth. We would be living in Missouri and the glory and terror of the Lord would be there. We are trapped in a situation described as Mystery Babylon. Babylon must fall and we will fall with it unless Joseph comes back and begins the real Marvelous Work.

The efforts of Joseph and the 1830 Saints are described in the scriptures as the foundation work. The foundation work has given us the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price, which presently are the oracles of God. Their efforts have laid the foundation for the future Marvelous Work and added to the foundation of the Great and Abominable Church of the Devil in the establishment of the corporate Church.

Joseph was used by God more than anyone else. The description of him as the marred servant is so true. He has been marred more than any other man. The promise that his name will be had for good and evil has come to pass. The book of Mormon is revered by millions and condemned by hundreds of millions. Joseph is held as the prophet of God by millions and as a charlatan by hundreds of millions. Who’s correct? Well, both sides are correct. Joseph is the prophet of God and in many ways was living a double standard. Get out of here, he can’t be both. Oh yes he can! God accomplished three things allowing people to choose for themselves who to follow. First he made it easy for those who wanted to reject the latter-day scriptures and the prophets. Second he made it easy for those who wanted to accept the prophets but who also wanted to reject the greater truth of Zion and be happy to settle for the corporate church. And lastly, God made it possible for those who want to reject the corporate church and still accept his word. Just look at all the different churches today, all the different possibilities. This shows how far God is willing to go to give man free agency. God used Joseph to contribute to the confusion in the world because it wasn’t time for the winding up scenes of the last days.

image2.pngGod will accomplish his strange work and his strange act and bring Joseph back with all his baggage to begin the Marvelous Work. That sets the stage of the last days and the last work. What a fantastic idea for people to accept. But just look at the world! Just look at the situation we’re in! The whole blasted place is ready to explode and God has to do something to save his people and save mankind. There is no corporate church or nation that can handle this situation. If you participate with them you will fall with them when Babylon falls for that is where their strength lies.

God will bring Joseph back and that’s where my book begins. I have tried to present the truth as I now see it in the scriptures. But know beforehand that I am the arm of flesh, very corruptible, very weak and not to be trusted. That’s what makes this life so exciting. I have limited myself to the task of organizing the Word of God to fit into chronological order, failing often to explain why a scripture fits in that particular place, rationalizing that you, the reader, have to do some work on your own and the task of explaining everything would double the size of the book.

The title 3rd Watch Marvelous Work is actually redundant: the 3rd Watch and the Marvelous Work are equal terms describing the same time period and events continuing the Dispensation of the Last Days, which leads to the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.

The term 3rd Watch comes from JST Luke 12:41-43. Luke speaks of the 1st Watch (the Lord’s personal ministry at the meridian of time), the 2nd Watch (Joseph Smith’s foundation ministry in the 1800’s), and then the 3rd Watch (the return of Joseph and the rest of the 1st Elders). Each Watch represents time periods when the fullness of Priesthood is available to the inhabitants of the earth. When Joseph and the 2nd Watch Saints failed to build Zion it necessitated their return to finish the work. The 3rd Watch will bring forth the fulfillment of those wondrous things all the prophets have looked for since the beginning of time.

I don’t need to explain the term Marvelous Work except that it didn’t take place in 1830. It is still a future work that will truly be Great and Marvelous as the world collapses around us. It is the Work that will in fact save the World from total destruction. If Joseph does not return and establish Zion, the earth will be “wasted at his coming” and no church or government now on the earth has the power to stop it. God’s word must and will be fulfilled as it has been given to us in the standard works, the Oracles of God.